Do you know who is working on your projects?

meet them, our team of professionals
Adam Hood, Web Designer

Win WS is proud to have one of the very best coders and developers in the business. Adam is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. He has a diverse background in IT work as well as web design solutions. If you can explain it, he can do it!

Marty Taplin, Executive Manager

When it comes to sales and marketing, Marty is a genius. Marty Taplin is the backbone of our marketing & sales team. He is solely responsible for the dynamic marketing campaigns that we employ ourselves and with our clients!

Danny Brown, Managing Director

Born a natural leader. Danny is the oil that keeps our engine running. He has a natural ability for strategic planning and executing the necessary steps to achieve our goals. His leadership is the catalyst to our success.

Laura Archuleta, Project Manager

She is a natural people person and Laura Archuleta is a project management specialist. Business is about relationships and Laura literally knows everyone. She takes on the personal challenge of making sure Win WS delivers projects on time and on cost.

Camus Crawford, Visual Designer

At Win WS, his excellent design skills and creative experience is invaluable. Camus Crawford is one of the engines that helps Win WS go. His partnership with Win WS enables the company to launch successful online marketing strategies throughout the country.

Michael Junkins, Project Manager

Getting people what they want is a talent that he possesses. Michael is one of the most organized and proactive people in the business. His attention to detail helps separate Win WS from the competition.

Laura Reagan, Copywriter

An attention to detail like no other. Laura is our chief editor and copywriter. She ensures that our clients content is well written. Her command over the English language helps our clients articulate their marketing message.

Alex Harness, Site & Software Developer

Artistically gifted to say the least. Alex has been in the business for a long time and his experience shines each time he produces a project. Alex is an asset to the company and keeps coming up with new innovative ways to meet customer demands.

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